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Christina M. Dalpiaz

Die Publikationen von Christina M. Dalpiaz können zum reduzierten Preis von 10,– anstatt 18,95 US Dollar (Preise in Euro folgen) erworben werden.


Cover: How to Depolarize your Jerk-Magnet

How to Depolarize Your Jerk Magnet
(CHANCE Publishing) ©2014.

HAVE you or someone you love found yourself going from one disastrous relationship to another? Does your attraction to bad boys leave you perplexed? Do you wonder if authentic love is in the cards for you? How to Depolarize Your Jerk Magnet answers these and other challenges people just like you face in the world of love. Using healthy doses of humor, therapeutic advice and more than a splash of common sense, this book addresses a serious problem—the innate attraction to unkind, thoughtless and selfish people. You’ll learn what being a jerk magnet means to your life and how to break behavior patterns drawing you toward unhealthy and destructive men. While there may be someone for everyone—when a jerk finds someone, your job is to make sure it’s not you! 


Cover: Parent in Style

Parent-in' Style
(CHANCE Publishing) © 1996 & 2012.
ISBN: 1-479-13770-7

YOU know parenting can be hard work...just imagine how tough it is on your kid! Wouldn't it be nice to have the skills to parent your child the way elite parents do it? You know, the ones that always have their act together and are in control of nearly every situation?  Your kids are trying to grow up and learn how to interact with the world and, as many of us know, that can cause growing pains...for both the child and the parents.  If any of this rings true with you, then you've come to the right place! Parent-in' Style will provide you the replacements skills necessary to change your parenting style, to a one that has you Parent(ing)-in' Style in no time!  Filled with concrete examples of how to deal with many of the most common, yet frustrating aspects of parenting, Parent-in' Style will be the one parenting resource you'll wonder how you ever got along without! So break out your finest and get ready to Parent-in' Style!


Cover: Breaking Free, Starting Over

Sparrows In A Hurricane: One Family’s Courage to Weather the Storm of Addiction and Mental Illness
(CHANCE Publishing) © 2010. 
ISBN: 0-965-06694-0

2014 CIPA EVVY award-winning book, for inspirational category. This compelling and insightful memoir demonstrates how children growing up with addicted and mentally ill parents can overcome obstacles and live productive and functional lives as adults. The story involves six Appalachian children who band together to survive and support one another through their parents’ addiction and mental illness. The book illustrates how some of them escape the legacy of these diseases while others succumb to its grip. This powerful narrative walks the reader through a childhood surrounded by addicts where neglect and abuse were the reality. After the author believes she has made it out of the madness of her childhood, a twist of fate leads her back to her roots to save her innocent little nephew who was subjected to abuse and neglect due to addiction and mental illness. The story is the author's journey to try to undo the damage and to save a young soul and to also heal the wounded child within her.


Cover: Sparrows in a Hurricane

Breaking Free, Starting Over: Parenting in the Aftermath of Family Violence
(CHANCE Publishing) 2nd Edition © 2016
ISBN-10: 1517715784, ISBN-13: 978-1517715786

First edition earned a star by the Library Journal in 2004. Author takes an innovative positive approach to assist families from moving from recovery to discovery by breaking down stigmas that keep families from moving forward. Some parents are asked why they stayed in unhealthy relationships they say, “…because of the kids.” Then when they’re asked why they left they also say, “…because of the kids.” Children dream of a healthy intact family but sometimes two halves make a hole and this book works to assist those who want to change and be whole. The author uses her healthy habits, happy homes approach to give families a chance, as it is never too late to have a happy childhood.